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Taking Pride in Compassionate and Professional Pediatric Care Services.
Taking Care of Special Little Ones in Houston, Texas.

Raising and looking after children is a huge undertaking. However, it quickly becomes one of the most rewarding things you can do when you see them spark up and smile at you.

Caring for a child with special needs, on the other hand, is equally rewarding and special but a little more stressful. It comes with its own set of challenges and complexities. For parents, the 24/7 routine can be tiring.

MedPro USA alleviates that by lending you a helping hand. Our Private Duty Nursing services for Pediatric Care are designed to care for children with simple to complex needs. Licensed RNs (registered nurses) and LVN (Licenses Practical Nurses) work with families to carry out your child’s treatment plan with great care.

We strive to recruit and maintain a staff of highly-qualified nurses with an expansive set of skills, the right kind of attitude, and a dedication to family-centered practices. Ongoing development and training sessions and close monitoring further improve their dexterity and competency.

We truly believe that children with special needs are best cared for when surrounded by compassionate and nurturing carers. We combine their dedication and clinical excellence so your child can achieve their optimal health.

You Qualify for Pediatric Care if Your Child:

  • Has a tracheotomy and needs tracheostomy care
  • Is ventilator-dependent due to physical disabilities
  • Has complex wounds and needs wound care
  • Depends on a G- or NG-tube for continuous nutrition
  • Needs oxygen therapy due to their oxygen dependency
  • Has sleep-related disorders and requires apnea monitoring
  • Has complex injuries and medical conditions that require pain management
  • Suffers from other diseases that need special management
  • Have catheters for permanent or temporary use

If you are:

  • Afraid to leave your house, worrying your child may not get the quality care from the nursing staff while you are gone.
  • Worried that your child’s private duty nurse does not pay close attention to your child’s needs.
  • Thinking your child’s nurse won’t arrive on time or not at all.
  • Concerned that your child’s nurse lacks the knowledge and competency to take care of your child properly.

MedPro USA will step in and take those worries away

Committing to Better Care for your Child

We understand the frustration parents or guardians of special needs children may face due to unreliable nursing staff and poor care. This is why our commitment to partnering with families and prioritizing specific care requirements comes first.

Accessible, dependable, and effective care set on stringent policies and a high bar of quality is MedPro USA’s mode of conduct. Our private nurses become a part of the team and work with all honesty so you can have a moment to take a breath and be confident that your child’s taken care of.

For more information about MedPro USA’s Pediatric Care (Private Duty Nursing) services, please contact our office at 713-932-0017, complete our contact form [HERE] or use our online patient referral form [HERE].