MedPro USA’s Mission:

“MedPro USA Health Services strives to provide quality Private Duty Nursing and Home Care to meet the highest expectations of our clients through innovative care delivery models. We aim to practice dedication and compassion, enriching patient health and well-being without any bounds of age, sex, and religion.”

MedPro USA’s Vision:

“Our purpose is to create strong local ties with the community, helping special needs children and adults find the right care at the right time. We will continue delivering efficient care provided by highly trained and empathetic professionals so our clients can reach their optimal health.”

MedPro USA’s Values:


We promote clinical best practices and comply with high standards of care, collaborating with professionals that improve our offerings and service quality.


Each MedPro team member is dedicated to advocating for the betterment of our clients and their families, going beyond home care.

Family-Centered Services

We believe families bring great strength to health care experiences, especially when it involves making decisions about the care of people they love the most.

Continuing Competency

We thrive on the possibility of continued growth and development of our staff as it further improves the quality of care your loved ones receive.